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Q: Who may become a member of BNA?

A: Individuals and organization may join BNA as a non-participating member. A non-participating member may not hold an office, and does not vote; however, non-participating members may introduce motions for action to be taken by the membership. Participating members are active or retired LPNs, RNs, LVNs, and nursing students. Please follow the membership link to the left to download an application for BNA Membership.

Q: How may I contact BNA?

A: Black Nurses Association of Indianapolis, Inc., 3737 North Meridian Street, 3rd Floor, Indianapolis, IN 46206, (317) 920-4950

Q: What programs does BNA execute for minority benefit?

A: BNA currently has four programs administered by its membership: Health Education and Screenings, Circle of Mentorship, Public Policy and Advocacy, and Continuing Education for Professional Nurses. See our page, Programs and Partnerships for more details. 

Q: How may I participate in BNA programs when I do not live in the Indianapolis, IN area?

A: Since all program administration and participation is voluntary for BNA members, donations or in kind services are solicited from BNA friends. You may participate by a donation(s) in any amount that will assist the membership in executing programs and fulfilling the BNA mission.

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